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Bergman: The card game Bergman: The card game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

This is a game of almost going out and then getting a boatload of cards. There are only 8 possible plays, the next card up IN THE SAME SUIT, (the capitalized part I figured out through experience, not from any text in the rules), any other card in the same rank, and all 4 kings, which gives you an 8/52 chance of having a card to play when you are low on cards. which is about 1/8. The only no-luck play that is about strategy is whether you advance the number of count up in the same suit. The wild concept is hard to understand. You're giving your opponent too much power playing ANY card in a specific suit, maybe choosing a rank would make it easier to give someone a decent chance to make a run to win. This consecutive number requirement makes for an ultra-defensive game, usually decided by one unlucky wild play. Also if instead of drawing until you make a match, a draw-one-and-pass option would balance this game more too. It looks like this game hasn't been playtested too much with strategies other than the creators'. Implementing one or more of these suggestions might make a more playable game. I played one game for 20 minutes to a stalemate with the computer. (I assume it's the computer) I rank it 1.5 becuase it has some potential, but the game is WAY to defensive. It's like war with a little strategy, but no strategy strong enough to win or lose by.